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Find Out Why Migrating From One E-Commerce Platform Is A Bad Idea; Shopify Vs. Magento

On realizing that they have been using the wrong e-commerce platforms, most e-commerce companies resolve to migrate to either Shopify or Magento. While it is the only move that is left, you need to know that it comes with certain risks that you might want to look out for. Before proceeding, you should understand that e-commerce platform migration can be compared to relocating your physical shop;

  • Migrating can be expensive

When moving your online store to a new ‘location’, it is very important that your customers know about this. For this to be possible, you might need to invest in advertising your new location. To add on that, you may need to invest some more money for you to recover because you are most likely to lose customers who missed your adverts.

  • Loss of traffic and ranks

Building traffic to a website is not easy and often requires a lot of patience. The same applies to site rankings. Apart from time, they may also cost you money because services like SEO these days can be costly depending on the results you want. When you migrate to a new e-commerce platform, you risk losing all these and chances are that you will have to repeat what you had done to regain your stability in the market.

  • Benefits your competitor

When migrating with the mind of providing your customers with better services, you should know that your competitors are celebrating. When you migrate, for example, and your customers fail to find you, they will quickly move on to the next dealer. The worst part is that it takes such a small time for you to lose so many customers.

  • You risk losing data

With migration comes the hard task of transferring your data files to your new platform. Without the right mechanism, you risk losing information that can help you get back on track faster. Remember that transferring data to your new platform depends on the complexity of your data.


Never make the mistake of starting an e-commerce business with an e-commerce software that you don’t understand. If you intend to get into the e-commerce industry for the first time, the only way to save your investment is by doing ample research and being prepared to spend a reasonable amount of money for a good e-commerce platform. The moment you go for the cheap ones that have only the most basic features, then you are putting the future of your business at risk.

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